The most trusted infusion therapy provider for patient transition

It’s not always easy for patients to get the treatment they need when they need it the most; that’s why healthcare providers – including doctors, nurses, case managers and hospital administrators – trust Option Care Health’s infusion suites.

Learn more about the benefits of our nationwide network of ambulatory infusion centers below, or find an infusion suite in your area now.

Streamlining and eliminating administrative burdens

Efficiency in administering infusion therapy is critical. Our patient registration team verifies insurance eligibility or benefits and may secure health plan authorization for all referred patients. The experienced infusion specialty care teams at Option Care Health then develop an individualized care plan alongside on-going clinical monitoring to manage complex conditions with a high level of detail and commitment.

National reach with a local touch

As the largest independent infusion therapy provider in the United States with 140+ locations, Option Care Health has the national reach and experience to provide a wider access of infusion treatments to the patients who need them most. Clinical excellence matched with 40+ years of experience have proved Option Care Health as the ideal partner for infusion care therapies.

Conditions treated at Option Care Health infusion suites

Our medical professionals can provide many different types of infusions and treat a variety of conditions from the convenience of our ambulatory infusion suites – from chronic inflammatory disorders to highly specialized therapies for cancer infusion. Learn more about the infusion therapy services provided at Option Care Health.

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The Benefits of Comprehensive Care

Option Care Health surrounds patients throughout their infusion therapy treatments with compassionate, comprehensive care every step of the healthcare journey

Every patient deserves safe, individualized care

Our clinical team customizes treatment plans to suit the specific needs of each patient with an assigned nurse and pharmacist to monitor treatment.

Confidence in care

Option Care Health infusion suites are a safe alternative to hospital based care for patients prescribed biologics and other complex infusion therapies.

24/7/365 access to patient support

Experienced clinicians and nurses are always available by phone to answer questions and provide support for patients, families and providers.

Exclusive and preferred access to pharmaceuticals

Option Care Health’s pharmaceutical partnerships give providers and patients access to several limited distribution treatments.

Success With Infusion Suites

Infusion Therapy By the Numbers

Patients receiving treatment in an Option Care Health infusion suite report high rates of approval and satisfaction with our clinicians and infusion therapy services


overall patient satisfaction[*]Data on file, Option Care.


knowledge of health condition[*]January-December 2018 patient satisfaction data. Survey of 283 patients.


skill in administering therapy[*]January-December 2018 patient satisfaction data. Survey of 283 patients.


convenience of facility hours[*]Data on file, Option Care Health.