Бланки заказа назначенного препарата

To begin the referral process, download the correct prescriber order form by therapy and product name in the list below. Then, fill in the required prescription and fax it to us at your local Care Management Center. All Option Care Health pharmacies are able to accept electronic prescriptions (e-prescribing). Click here to find the location closest to you.

Prescriptions must be sent from licensed prescribers, accompanied by the patient’s insurance information and in accordance with your state prescribing laws.

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Download the PDF(s) you need from the list below.


Fill, Print & Sign

Complete the form(s) online or by hand, print the completed form and sign the prescription.


Fax Signed Forms

Fax your signed form(s) to the patient’s nearest Option Care Health location

Find Location Near You

If your therapy is not included above, consider electronically prescribing the medication to us.