• As the nation’s largest infusion provider, we are uniquely positioned to treat patients in the safe environment of their own homes and our alternate infusion suites (AIS), which reduces their exposure to further risk in more public settings.
  • We’ve always had an Infectious Disease Prevention Plan, which calls for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and education of our staff and patients. In light of the coronavirus outbreak, we are actively monitoring CDC guidelines and working with Infectious Disease experts and updating our plans, policies and guidelines as appropriate. We continue to accept and service referrals to care for patients.
  • In the event of an employee exposure, including travel to countries that are determined by the CDC to be “Widespread Sustained (ongoing) Transmission,” we have asked employees to please alert Human Resources so that we can determine a go forward plan that may include staying home or working from home for at least 14 days upon their exposure or return from travel.
  • Option Care Health совместно с нашим экспертом по инфекционным заболеваниям и в соответствии с рекомендациями Центр по профилактике и контролю заболеваемости (CDC) в настоящее время перед личным контактом проводит скрининг всех новых и уже проходящих лечение пациентов. В отношении пациентов, отнесенных к группе риска (в связи с их перемещениями или подтвержденными случаями контактов с зараженными людьми), старшая медсестра обсудит с пациентом и выдавшем назначение врачом дальнейшие действия.
  • We are providing updated education and information to our teams on an almost daily basis.
  • Our Supply Chain team is working with our vendors to make sure that Option Care Health has adequate supplies available for both patient care and PPE for our employees to maintain continuity of care.
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